Real Name: Ethan Saint James

Height: 6ft

Wildcard shakes up any situation he gets into because he's a power mimic with some serious luck. He joined the Carnival of Fear while they were on a mission in Las Vegas. Any power his team or opponents can use, he can too. He's not as good a mimic as Major Xeroh of the Chessmen, but still effective enough for the job at hand. Ethan also carries a few strange gambling items of high technology. He has trick cards, dice, and a slot machine belt that you never know what they'll throw at you. Wildcard's power of strange luck has a tendency to shift things where you least expect it. Of course, that almost never turns out bad for him or his team. On jobs, Wildcard likes to set up gambling to score some extra cash before making a kill. Gambling also serves as a great distraction to crowds and targets alike.

Wildcard's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 2 END: 3 SPE: 2 AGL: 3 MNT: 5

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