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Real Name: Wrythar

Height: 7ft 2in

Member ofLast of Their Kind

Wrythar is the last of the Merthon people whose planet was destroyed by Maniac.

Wrythar is a skilled warrior with his curved enchanted blade and knowledge in combat tactics. The blade and arm shield he carries appear to be unbreakable, even by high artifacts and sorceries. He's also highly trained in hand to hand combat in his peoples own style that he never names. A kick from Wrythar has been known to leave wide gashes and crumple metal armor.

Wrythar has a fiery breath weapon, venomous saliva and the power of hypnosis for when all else fails. Wrythar far prefers to fight than talk and sometimes, his team has to hold him back.

Wrythar's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 4 END: 4 SPE: 3 AGL: 3 MNT: 4