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Zahl Khan, leader of Crusade

Real Name: Zahl Khan

Height: 6ft 6in

Leader of Crusade

Zahl Khan is from the planet Seenan of the Nok side. This is most easily distinguished by the strange formation of his eyes. At one time he was Maestro's mentor (long before he became Maestro). Zahl is a true immortal and a grandmaster of Seenan Reality Combat. The reality warping martial art can strike targets from distances of several yards. So a punch thrown at seemingly nothing, would connect someplace of the martial artists concentration. Zahl Khan is also a power sorcerer and uses his magic to transport himself and his team.

Zahl teaches the members of his team and mentors them in many ways. In doing this, he demands utmost dedication and gets it. There isn't one member of his team that wouldn't die for him.

Zahl Khan's sword responds to his mental command and may only be used by him. It is considered a high artifact and indestructible.

Zahl Khan's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 2 END: 5 SPE: 3 AGL: 2 MNT: 7